Your Questions Answered

Why do ScentBlasterWicks stay wet longer?

ScentBlasterWicks are made of highly absorbent, natural fibers that stay wet longer by continuously wicking up the “fresh” scent from the 2 oz. ScentContainer.

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Do I have to use ScentBlasterWicks with ScentBlaster?

No, you can use any brand of wicks, but you may need to trim them to fit inside the ScentContainer opening. However, we do recommend using our super absorbent ScentBlasterWicks for the best results.


Fill reservoir with any scent.

Can the ScentContainer be used for more than one hunt?

Yes, the leakproof ScentContainer is designed to be used repeatedly. Once the hunt has been completed, simply remove the ScentBlasterWick and replace the ScentCap. With proper care and maintenance, your ScentContainer will last you several seasons.


Close the ScentCap to save scent.

How long can I expect 2 oz. of scent to last when using my ScentBlaster?

Under normal hunting conditions, 2 oz. of scent will last 60+ hrs of continuous use.


Is there a place to store the ScentContainer ScentCap once I have installed my ScentBlasterWick?

Yes, simply turn the ScentCap over and align the ScentCap’s crosshairs with the crosshairs located on the top of the ScentBlaster unit. Both the ScentCap and ScentBlaster have small magnets conveniently located to hold the ScentCap in place while the ScentBlaster is in use.


Crosshairs located on the top of the ScentBlaster unit.

Can I use multiple ScentContainers with my ScentBlaster to avoid mixing scents?

Yes, ScentContainers are easily removed and interchangeable. Extra ScentContainers are sold separately.

How long will ScentBlaster run?

A new set of (4) AA alkaline batteries will last up to 60+ hours of continued use under normal operating conditions. Lithium batteries will run longer than alkaline.

Does ScentBlaster come with batteries?

No, batteries are not included.

Do you ship Internationally?

No, we are not selling ScentBlaster outside the United States.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel your order before it has shipped, go to your account (select “Orders” from the menu and then “Cancel” under actions) or contact us with your order number.